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Office Spaces Where Your Employees Can Be Their Best


Give Your Business the Office Upgrade it Deserves

Office spaces often get a bad name—people often associate them with rows of bland cubicles underneath cold incandescent light. If your office space feels confining and outdated, you may want to rethink the way you and your employees work.

A dynamic new space may be just what your employees need to thrive. Whether you want to renovate your current space or build from the ground up, Journey Construction Group can work with you to create a space that meets your needs. We’ve worked on office building construction with multiple industries across West Michigan, and we can revitalize your office building, too!

Office Building Construction Services

Private Office Spaces

Private office space doesn’t have to mean stuffy rows of cubicles. We’ve helped our clients create private office spaces that are perfect for both deep work and collaboration.

Conference Rooms

Conference rooms should be a place for collaboration, not suffocation! From open-concept meeting areas to closed-door, executive meeting rooms, Journey can help you create the spaces you need for meetings, conference calls, brainstorming sessions, and more.


Give your employees a space to truly step away from their work. Our team at Journey can help you realize your vision for a balanced workplace, where your employees feel the freedom to take a break—and not just eat lunch at their desk.

White Box Spaces

If you are a commercial investor or developer, we can provide a “blank slate” office space for you. Then, you can outfit the space to best serve your tenants, no matter what industry they’re in.

Industries We Serve

Medical Offices
Financial Offices

Our Projects

TGW Systems has continued to be a growing company in West Michigan. With their growing team, they were able to acquire additional square footage in their current building.
Journey Construction Group partnered with ADAC Automotive, a leading Tier 1 automotive supplier to act as Owner’s Representatives on the new construction of their World Headquarters.
The innovation center is a creative and innovative hub for the ADAC Team for product development, validation and laboratory testing.

Ready to create an updated office space your employees will love?